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Quality Flatbed Trucking and Heavy Hauling

Lane LLC is a Flatbed trucking company that specializes in heavy hauling. We are class A Commercial Flatbed heavy hauling. We currently haul lumber, steel, machinery, limestone slabs, concrete, bagged salt and more!
Our company was founded in 1998 and is a third generation trucking company. Our family started out as a long haul trucking company with dry vans with reefer units and moved to gravel hauling and excavating, and then expanded to Flatbed heavy hauling, oversized specialized. We service all the Midwest!
We offer our customers quality service and fair pricing. We have the skills and the knowledge to do the hauling of the bigger, larger and heavier pieces of limestone and concrete that other carriers just won’t take due to the pieces being so heavy and big. We also can take smaller and lighter loads like lumber and salt. 
Call us to schedule service at (810) 343-6877.